The Story of Roger Dunn Golf in Arroyo Grande

Our Story…

In 1985, Drivers were made of wood, golf bags were made of heavy leather or vinyl, golf balls cut when you mishit them, shoes had steel spikes and Jake Schaffer, a retired firefighter, was managing a convenience store in Racine Wisconsin.

On the eve of a local wedding, Jake and his cousin, Mark Stirle, went out for a couple of drinks. In the course of discussion, Mark was telling Jake about the successful golf shop franchise, Roger Dunn Golf, which he owned in Riverside, California. Mark asked Jake if he would be interested in becoming a partner in a future location. Jake was interested.

In the spring of 1986, Mark called Jake and invited him to look at a prospective location in San Luis Obispo County. Jake and his wife, Sharyn flew to California during the El Nino Season. It was on this visit, where they both wondered if “all it ever does is rain in California?”

Reservations aside, Jake and his eldest of two boys, Lance, packed up the car and drove across country to start the new business. Sharyn and Todd (the younger son) stayed back in the Dairy State just in case the new venture did not prove successful,a return trip was thought to be likely.

On August 1st, 1986 Roger Dunn’s Golf Shop in Arroyo Grande opened its’ doors. It was an immediate success.There had been a pent up demand for a discount, off-course golf shop. The name ROGER DUNN was familiar to many customers who had either relocated or were used to driving down to the So. Calif. Roger Dunn locations.

One year later, Sharyn and Todd hitched up the proverbial wagons and headed West; trading BRATS & BEERS for TRI-TIP & WINE.

Twenty nine years later, the Schaffer family still proudly owns and operates the Roger Dunn Golf Shop in Arroyo Grande, California. A business built on the values of hard work, fair business, and true customer service.

With a track record of over a half million transactions, and the professional fitting and sales of tens of thousands of golf club sets, this family business is the place that informed golfers come to buy their equipment. At Roger Dunn Gold in Arroyo Grande, customers are valued and treated in that friendly and familiar manner which can be characterized as “old school”. In a world that is filled with digital this and that, it is with a breath of freshness that customers come in, get fitted for clubs with the latest of technology by professionals who have a depth of expertise, and have an experience that is friendly and genuine.

Drivers are now made of titanium, golf Bags are lighter, golf Balls are more durable, and the cleats are now plastic, but Roger Dunn Golf in Arroyo Grande will continue as the place to go to make your golf equipment purchases.

For twenty nine years – you’ve been # 1 at Roger Dunn – and we look forward to continuing to provide you with that genuine customer service that is our hall mark.

Thank you for your business, your loyalty, and your friendship!

Most Sincerely,

The Schaffer Family

Golf Bag on Field Background